Sunday, 5 November 2017

First of the Irish

I have painted 4 new figures for Elizabethan Ireland. 3 Irish and an English swashbuckling gentleman.

Not 100% on the main colour for the Irish, I may try a slightly darker colour for the next lot.
The first figure is an English gent from the Foundry sea dogs range, I added a plastic buckler from the Wars of the Roses set as he looked like he neededsomethign in tha extended hand.
The next is the first of the Irish and one of the old Jim Bowen Irish Kern with Arquebus, I do like this guys, lots of character. I wonder if the safron is a bit pale and yellow?

This next figure has trews which I wanted to do in a simple tartan, it didnt come out quite as planned to be honest but looks OK.
The last figure is a Crusader Dark Age Irish Kern. This is where I wonder when the Irish stopped wearing trousers and no Tunic and swapped to tunic with no trousers. Now clearl they didnt at all, so whty do most dark age Irish ranges have bare chested blokes in trews and then from the medieval onwards its a tunic with no trews I wonder?
I will try a darker colour on the Irish next and possibly some of the Claymore figures see how they come out. I generally find that Pasul Hicks figures suit my style of painting so fingers crossed.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Elizabethan Ireland Update

OK so I have made a little progress for Tyrone's Rebellion.

First of all I have received the first batch of the Claymore Castings Irish and Islemen figures.Ordered and delivered within 24 hours, almost as impressed with the service as I am with the quality of the figures.Whilst pitched at a much earlier period, as much as 200 years. Many of the troops are ideal despite having earlier helmets, the rest of the gear was practically unchanged.

One or two figures I decided to tweak the weapons to ensure they had double handed axes. Reasonably happy with how these came out.

I was also at the Leeds Wargames show Fiasco and picked up a number of the now Hoka Hey figures ex Graven Images by Jim Bowen. The Garrison Troops are ideal for the British regulars and most of the Irish also have loads of character. I picked up a pack each of Garrison Caliver men, Garrison armoured Pike, Kern with arquebus and Gallowglass attacking.

I do have a bit of a concern about the Gallowglass. These are not the original Jim Bowen figures and whilst I cant put my finger on it entirely they do lack the character of the originals. The Claymore Castings look much smaller next to the Hoka Hey figures but next to the Gallowglass they look a different scale. I do need to consider whether I will use the Hoka Hey Gallowglass at all.

But that does give me about 50 figures to get stuck into.

Two flag sheets arrived today as well, one each for Irish and English. These do look quite nice.

Meanwhile I have got stuck into the two remaining Border Reivers, both mounted and dismounted figures.

Both figures have come out OK. These are lovely figures, unfortunately there is not much variety in the horses so I usually add some from other ranges mainly the Redoubt Enterprises figures, the size is pretty compatible.

Apologies the pictures are not great, putting the clocks back means no natural daylight until the weekend!

I do still have a few Redoubt Enterprises Irish and the Hundred Years War Irish skirmisher pack from Crusader also on the way. So that should take me to 65 or so figures to paint up and add in. I will be adding in Kern javelin men and arquibusier and some more Garrison troops, both Caliver and Pikemen plus longbow men.

I have also joined the Pikemans Lament facebook site, this rule set currently seems a good match for the Elizabethan war against the Irish Rebels of the Earl of Tyrone. I had quite a few well natured responses to my first post on there and found two members gaming Elizabethan. The first Colin is focused on English fighting alongside Dutch against the Spanish but might help me build my English force, his blog is here . The second is David who is actually doing the same Irish project for Pikemans Lament and is slightly ahead of me with progress. He has a great post on the subject here we may be comparing notes but a trip over the the states is not really on the cards for a joint game!

Hopefully a few Irish for you next.

Thanks for Reading.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

More Saxon Guard

So the basing department is home for the weekend and just to prove that I have not forgotten my Great Northern War project here is a unit of Saxon foot.Its the fifth battalion and the fourth and last battalion of the Guard. Its a sunny day here in gods own county so excuse the odd picture being a bit washed out.

As with the other units I have gone with the virtual third rank and have used Wargames Factory WSS plastic figures for the rank and file whilst using Ebor and Wargames Foundry metals for the command.

It perhaps seems a little odd that 4 out of 5 units are guard, however this sint about fielding super troops, I doubt they were much better than the rest of the Saxon army which was fairly good in comparison to most Western European armies.

No, I have the guard because they fought in so many enagagements. I am doing two regiments to each brigade and two battalions of each regiment so a brigade is 4 battalions. The Guard had both Saxon and Polish battalions so 2 of each seemed appropriate.

I am having a bit of a holiday from Great Northern War so we wont see many more until the Warfare Swedish Cavalry come out.

So for now here they are the last of the Saxon Guard.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Another New Project? Elizabethan Ireland

So over the last few weeks I have fluttered about from back burner project to back burner project. Filling time really until Warfare release their Swedish Cavalry. I have lots of projects I would like to do someday, no different to a lot of other gamers I am sure. However this one has just grabbed me and actually may be a bit easier than at first appears.

Elizabethan Ireland was a pretty remote and tough place, the troop types were also very interesting with many of the Irish troops being almost dark age in appearence and tactics but still managing to give the English a good kicking fairly often.

I had been toying with this for a while, more as an extension to the small Border Reivers collections I already have. Some years ago a bunch of us decided a Reiver campaign might be fun with each player having a family or raiders. We collected quite a few figures between us mainly from Graven Images but also from Vendel. Both of these companies also do a limited range of Irish for the period and the Border Horse were drafted and sent to Ireland during this period in some numbers. The pictures are of my current Borders collection.

The plan is to raise a company of troop's for service against the Irish rebels, probably about 40 or 50 should do it . Units of Calivers, Longbows, Halbers/Bills and possibly Pike along with some Border Horse light cavalry and possibly some Demi-lances. Ad a few gentlemen adventurers and there you go.

For the Irish I will want Galloglass with double handed swords and axes, Kern with harquebus or caliver, javelins and double handed weapons and possibly even bows, plus some light cavalry. May or may not include some Irish regular Pike and shot we will see.

I already have 10 Border horse with 2 more to paint, 10 garrison troops 6 or so Gentlemen and a dog boy and hounds so I have a start.

Hoka Hay now carry the Graven Images Irish and Borderer's and as they are at the Leeds show this Sunday I might pick a few up. I have also ordered some Medieval Scots Isle men from Claymore Castings and some Irish Light Horse from Redoubt Enterprises.

I then just need to decide on some rules.......

Pikemans lament look OK, but I might go for my own set, lets see.

More news after the spend fest on Sunday.